A Few Words About NRD Landscape

There are a lot of traditional landscape contractors in the Twin Cities area. At NRD we have created a model which trades some of the “traditional” aspects for an approach that simply makes sense. We operate within two principle areas: Design and Project Management.


From the initial consultation and conceptual sketches, through the detailed construction drawings all quality projects depend on, all creative controls rest solely with NRD. This ensures a direct creative link between your goals and aspirations and our design team.


We have spent years developing strong relationships with our installers. This allows us to produce designs with no creative constraints and that’s a valuable difference for our customers. Because we are able to assemble the correct series of installers to fit your projects particular needs you receive a unique combination of expert craftsmanship and professional management, all for a fair and competitive price.

Inside the NRD studio is where our passion to create unique spaces merge with raw materials and imagination. 

The Experience

When you choose to work with NRD Landscape Design, it is our commitment to provide the best experience possible. We not only want you to enjoy your new outdoor space, but the entire process with us, from start to finish.

Any size landscape is an investment, and we never forget that. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you and have worked hard to develop the necessary skills to ensure any expectations you have going into a project are not simply met, but rather exceeded.

You deserve to work with friendly, professional individuals who understand your specific needs as well as this industry, and who rely on honesty and clear communication to achieve the end results you are looking for.

A Few Words From Our Customers

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